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We offer an assorted choice of pallet trucks for industrial use and we satisfy every request and need. Among our proposals we have manual and or semi electric pallet trucks, with lithium battery, with built-in scale and with different capacities. 
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ELEP - 20 AN

Semi - Electric Pallet Truck 2000 kg Capacity

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Simple to use, practical and very light; the narrow turning radius makes it particularly agile in operations where there is little room for action;
· The pallet truck has a compact and resistant structure. The internal oil pipe reduces risks and maintenance work, as well as giving a clean line to the vehicle;
· The pallet truck has an ergonomically designed handle with an integrated key switch and an electric meter that makes loading and unloading operations simple and pleasant;
· The front panel and battery are easy to remove and replace;
· The safety of the user using it is guaranteed by the device's emergency stop and reverse switches;
· The device is equipped with the automatic switch-off function, it stops as soon as the handle is released or the base is pressed;
The electromagnetic brake and the engine brake are used to ensure driving safety;
Thanks to the built-in charger, charging is quick and easy;

ELEP 20 -190

Electric Pallet Truck 2.0 Ton Capacity 

ELEP 20 - 190

• Electric lift and electric traction; • Maximum strength and low weight;
• Simple, flexible, light, easy to use, small turning radius;
• More powerful and environmentally friendly LITHIUM battery;
• Low maintenance lifting motor and brushless transmission with permanent magnet;
• Lift control device, multiple protections, high reliability;
• Forks adaptable to three lengths for different types of pallets;


Electric Pallet Truck 1.5 Ton Capacity 

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· Fork adaptable to the pallet;
· Separate motors, strong load capacity;
Speed ​​control system, easy to maneuver;
Easy to replace battery;
· Built-in charger;
Maintenance-free sealed batteries, safe operations without polluting;
· Compact and suitable for confined spaces;
· Automatic lift limit, safe and energy saving;
· Emergency reversing device and emergency brake switch;
· Quiet and low consumption, 2 kW per day;


Electric Pallet Truck 2.0 Ton Capacity

description - technical sheet ELEP-20Li

·Simple, flexible, light, small turning radius;
Integrated handle;
· Portable lithium battery;
· Emergency reversal device;
· Electric and manual lifting option;


Electric Stacker 2.0 Ton Capacity

description - technical sheet
ELEP - 20E

·Comfortable and reliable steering;
· Silent, carbon brushless, maintenance-free AD speed control drive system;
· Quick and efficient electric lift;
Easy design to facilitate pallet loading and unloading;
· Energy saving with low emissions;
· Enhanced Stepless AC Controller with multiple automatic protection;

HPT- 20S 

Hand Pallet Truck with Balance - 2000 kg Capacity

description - technical sheet 

· Hand pallet truck with scale allows you to carry your load anywhere;
· Display with integrated keyboard and automatic tare system;
· Fast and accurate weighing system;
· Built-in battery charger;
· Accuracy ± 1 Kg;