The F.A. LOGISTICA S.r.l. is one of the companies belonging to the FASULO Trasporti Group

European Leader in road transport, F.A. LOGISTICA garantees a  reliable and high quality service for companies in any production sector


The headquarter  is located in Caiazzo in the province of CasertaIt consists of a complex of over 20,000 square meters, surface divided in offices (250 square meters), parking, storage and distribution areas

how we work


In a globalized world, the success of a company is strongly conditioned by the its efficiency 
With this aim, the F. A. LOGISTICA company proposes itself as an efficient partner, able to take care of every aspect related to logistics and transport, allowing its customers to focus on their own business


The company has a large fleet of vehicles: around 60 tilt/refrigerator motor vehicles and tilt/refrigerator trucks, able to guarantee a personalized, reliable and punctual transport service.
The variety of vehicles and specialized drivers allows us to meet the different needs of the customer, standard or specific, offering a complete and flexible service.

We are  also able to adapt to different rhythms and production cycles and to integrate with its logistics systems

tracking system

The Track and Trace system guarantees to check the position of the trucks.
This is possible thanks to the satellite connection put on all ours vehicles 


Over the last few years the company developped an organizational structure where innovation, research, human capital are basic components of our mission. This is foundamental to ensure a modern system between the various company divisions and its customers.

The mean goal is the creation of market value for our costomers and employees trough the professional growth  of our workers.
The Company currently has around 66 employees.

a green company

Environmental protection and continuous research towards more sustainable development have always been considered essential values. 

This aim is pursued by the company through the implementation of concrete procedures aimed at obtaining tangible results. 

Our fleet is constantly renewed and made up of latest generation vehicles, whose efficiency is guaranteed by constant checks carried out by the internal workshop. 

The drivers are trained in eco - friendly driving, able to achieve effective fuel savings

Efficient logistics ensures the reduction of the waste and the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as an optimization of costs for customers. 

Since its foundation, the management has been committed to developing a work environment where safety, health and respect for rights are protected as indispensable values


In order of this green goal, the F.A. LOGISTICA obtained the ISO 9001 certification in February 2016 and in June 2016 it obtained the OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification relating to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System
In May 2018 at the F.A. LOGISTICA the prestigious Industria Felix Award, reserved for entrepreneurial excellence, was awarded as the best company by percentage ROE of the province of Caserta

to think big

The F.A. Logistica S.r.l. is constantly growing: future forecasts show an expansion of the workforce and a constant increase in the fleet.
The construction process of a new space that will house the new offices and headquarters is already underway, as well as the expansion of the yard, the workshop, the parking lots and the washing for the fleet
This will help the Company to direct its work towards the efficiency of its resources and to respond promptly to the ever-increasing needs of customers.